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I recorded this on my phone, in the car, while driving…for fun.

Check out the Reformed Pubcast here!


Reformed Pubcast // The place to be // The place to see what it’s like in eternity.

Sippin on brew // tellin it true // that the Son died // spirit made alive // because the father chose you.

In the Pub is where we hash it out // It’s where we hear from all the mates // and have debates without the hate.

On the cast we get the play by play // and even though it’s the hosts who get the final say

If you get a bit of itchin just to hear ya voice heard // you can call to get to spit a little bit of choice words.

But listen up close to all the recos // If you’re new to this place then here’s how it goes

The first thing you learn is that the hops rock // the IPA knocks your socks off // It’s non-stop

As far as Porters and Stouts go // it’s like a double rainbow // add a little ice cream and post a picture to show

But if you don’t like the brews and choose to peruse // well you can still stick around for the theology views.

But with Tanner and Les // I gotta confess // you’re never gonna run out of ideas of what to sip on next.

So pull up a stool and thank God for these men // Everybody in the pub say cheers and amen!